concert program 2015

Intrada . . . . . . Anne Bonnycastle
Concertino for flute and orchestra . . . .Cecile Chaminade
Concerto #1 in B flat . . . . Laura Maddalena Syrmen
Nostalgia . . . . Jocelyn Morlock
Sicilienne, from the Gaelic Symphony . . . . Amy Beach
Andante for Clarinet and Orchestra . . . . Alice Mary Smith
Contented House . . . . Jean Coulthard
Sicilienne . . . . Maria Therese Von Paradis
Scherzo, from Serenade in D . . . . Ethel Smyth

Maria Therese Von Paradis (1759 – 1824) was an Austrian musician and composer who lost her sight at an early age, and for whom Mozart may have written his Piano Concerto No. 18 in Bflat major.   This beautiful piece, also a Sicilienne (a lilting dance form from Italy) is played by our concertmaster, Nancy DiNovo.


Alice Mary Smith, married name Alice Mary Meadows White (1839 –1884) was a prolific English composer. Her compositions include two symphonies and some large choral works. Her husband reported that: “There is nothing inconsistent with the little eminence that my wife has attained in music with the good management of domestic affairs.” Tonight’s performance features AK Coope on clarinet.


Ethel Smyth premiered her first major symphonic work, the Serenade in D, at the popular Crystal Palace Concerts in London, in 1893. The work was well received and public and press were “astonished that a woman could write such muscular music.” Tonight we are playing the second movement of this piece: a rollicking Scherzo.  







With many thanks to everyone who contributed to this evening:   The musicians: Nancy DiNovo (concertmaster), Carol Hur, Janna Sailor, Alana Lopez, DeAnne Eisch, Angela Cavadas, Majka Demcak, Louise Lee, Erin Higgins, Marie Claude Jaggs, Tawnya Popoff, Janet Steinberg, Luke Kim, Audrey Nodwell, Ken Friedman, Jesse Lu, Mark McGregor, Andrea Minden, Eunice Park, Marea Chernoff, Kristen Cooke, AK Coope, Sydney Tetarenko, Julia Lockhart, Elizabeth Mee, Duncan Shaw, Steve Denroche, Robin Reid, Ashley Ng, Albertina Chan, Anne Bonnycastle (conductor and composer), Jocelyn Morlock (composer).