Program for Saturday Sept. 9, 2017 

Doreen Carwithen - Prelude (from the Suffolk Suite)  

Maddalena Laura Sirmen - Concerto #4 in A+. Soloist: Nancy DiNovo  

Alice Mary Smith – Andante for Clarinet and Orchestra. Soloist: AK Coope  

Lili Boulanger – D’un Matin de Printemps  


Anne Bonnycastle – Matin de l’Ocean  

Rebecca Clarke – Viola Sonata, movement 2. Soloist: Tawnya Popoff. (orchestrated by Ruth Lomon)  

Elizabeth Knudson – Earthly Delights. From Triptych.  

Clara Schumann – Piano Concerto in A-. Soloist: Linda Ruan

                                        Clara Schumann,   Maddalena Laura Sirmen, Alice Mary Smith,    Doreen Carwithen